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This would make them feel negatively about what they look like and would eventually cause them to have a bad self image. If they were allowed to wear something of their own that they thought made them look good, this would totally prevent bad self image and actually improve school work help confidence and self steam.

Others think that uniforms are a must have because of the effects they have on the students. For example, uniform keeps students from dressing provocatively, which can be a big distraction for other students when they are trying to get work done and learning.

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Also some students might wear shirts that promote drinking, smoking, drugs, and many other things that could affect them and other students negatively. If these issues were starting to be become a big problem, the school could just create a dress code for their uniforms, banning everything that is causing the teachers and other students a problem. As you can see, not having a uniform allows students to show their individuality through clothes and also creates a great way for them to meet and befriend others.

It also promotes self confidence and a great self image. Others might say that not wearing uniforms effects the students negatively, but these problems conclusion of underage drinking essay easily be fixed. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email. If you have a suggestion about this website or are experiencing a problem with it, or if you need to report abuse on the site, please let us know.

Do school uniforms improve discipline and motivation for better education? This is the question that many people would like to get answers for and this paper discusses the importance of school uniform with the aim of showing that if it is implemented it will significantly contribute to upholding of discipline.

A wide variety of examples are given to illustrate the significance of using school uniform. School uniform is the kind of clothes that are specially tailored with similar color and type for students in order to maintain uniformity in a school setting. The use of school uniform has generated a lot of heat both at the school, community and also at the political arena.

Proponents and opponents have taken stands on either side arguing whether or not to have school uniform in schools. Both sides may have valid reasons for their claims but a closer look at the issue clearly indicates that there are way too many benefits which will accrue from using the school uniform than not. Discipline is one of the most important aspects of learning that contribute a lot to the overall performance of students.

Schools that maintain high degree of discipline are also likely to realize excellent performance. Discipline comes with good behavior of the students and one of the best ways to promote good behavior is to implement school uniform. Looking for a paper on Education Theories? Let's see if we can help you! How do we restore back the discipline and school professionalism? By implementing school uniforms which will help students have the feeling of school professionalism and take education seriously.

It has been argued that maintaining dress code in schools may prove to school work help very difficult task for school management. With the changing in lifestyles and dress fashions determining what should be worn or not becomes very difficult. Sometimes school help will take advantage of trends and fashions to validate wearing of miniskirts, sagging trousers, transparent clothing, all in school work help name of freedom of expression.

How do you expect teenage boys to concentrate in studies when some girls in their class are scantily dressed all in the name of fashion and self-expression? Casual dressing in schools is usually difficult to regulate due to continuous changes in lifestyle and fashion.

As the school administration tries their level best to maintain dressing sanity in schools conflicts always arise.

Students will sometimes be sent home for days, get punishments and parents will also get involved. In the process students get frustrated, more defiant and less disciplined. All these can actually be done away with by implementing school uniform in our institutions.

The government aims to provide free education in all public schools.

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This effort could be thwarted by the introduction of a uniform policy unless the government offers to also shoulder the costs of the uniforms. The parents may struggle to be able to afford a set or two of school uniforms, especially if they have more than one child in school. The dropout rates are likely to increase as a result of this.

One of the areas where children can hone their decision-making skills is in having a say in what they want to wear. Choosing an outfit for school, with the guidance of their parents, school work help help them know what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it. School uniforms take away this opportunity from students as they have to abide by clothing that has already been selected for them.

School uniforms are intended to eliminate socio-economic boundaries and make all the students feel that they are one. However, uniforms could be counterproductive to this same purpose they are supposed to achieve. Students from privileged families will be able to afford more than one uniform while those from poor backgrounds are likely to stick to a single set for a long time.

These will develop wear and tear within a short period of time due to being frequently worn to school. If students are allowed to wear regular clothes to school, students from poor backgrounds can simply shop for affordable outfits.

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Nobody will be able to judge based on their clothes if they are in good condition. Whether or not to enforce the uniform policy is a decision that directly affects students. Unfortunately, their contribution to the school uniforms debate has often been ignored. Washington High School is often used as a case study for this argument.

Students, especially girls, are more likely to compare how they look to others when made to wear the same type of outfit. Students who are in their teenage years are usually expected to start preparing for life as an adult. They are expected custom admissions essay uf start preparing for the transition into adulthood by making good choices on matters concerning them.

Uniforms deny the students an opportunity to learn how to make decisions for can school uniform help self esteem. Teenagers often use clothes as a form of identity.

Denying them an opportunity to develop their identity affects their development. One of the downsides of encouraging oneness can school uniform help self esteem the student body is that individuality is restricted. Thus, students may be more likely to conform to a mob mentality. Students are more likely to bow into peer pressure in order not to betray the spirit of togetherness. This can lead to a rise in cases of indiscipline and widespread unrest among the students.

As a student i think uniforms create a better environment to learn. As it creates unity. Which part of the world do you base this observation on? I live in Southern Africa and it is vety common here for children to be denied access to school because their parents are not able to afford the uniform.

And uniforms are expensive here too. School uniform has been subject of debate for many years. In majority of countries it is mandatory to wear uniform. And in some schools in countries like USA and UK has considered that it should not be that mandatory to wear. As per my opinion, the uniform is must to wear to maintain the etiquette and ethics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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