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Download 64MB. More information Published date: February Date deposited: 07 Jun Last modified: 13 Mar Contributors Author: Lenka Pitonakova. Abstract The field of AI planning has seen rapid progress over the last decade and planners are now able to robin houston phd thesis plan with hundreds of actions in a matter of seconds.

More information and software credits. Login Create Account. This improves the general applicability of elastic network models. Intelligent robots must be able to learn; they must be able to adapt their behavior based on experience. But generalization from past experience is only possible based on assumptions or prior knowledge priors for short about how the world works.

I rob dekkers phd thesis the role of these priors for learning perception. Although priors play a central role in machine learning, they are often hidden in the details of learning algorithms. By making these priors explicit, we can see that currently used priors describe the world from the perspective of a passive disinterested observer. Such generic AI priors are useful because they apply to perception scenarios where there is no robot, such as image classification.

These priors are still useful for learning robotic perception, but they miss an important aspect of the problem: the robot. In this thesis we study robot perception to support a specific type of manipulation task in unstructured environments, the mechanical manipulation of kinematic degrees of freedom.

We propose a general approach for interactive perception and instantiations of this approach into perceptual systems to build kinematic, geometric and dynamic models of articulated objects. Three-dimensional protein structures are an invaluable stepping stone towards the understanding of cellular processes. Not surprisingly, state-of-the-art structure prediction methods heavily rely on information.

We demonstrate that these information sources allow improved structure prediction and the reconstruction of human serum albumin domain structures from experimental data collected in its native environment, human blood serum.

The key features of this system are a high degree of immersion into the computer generated virtual environment and a large working volume. The high degree of immersion will be achieved by multimodal human-exoskeleton interaction based on haptic effects, audio and three- dimensional visualization. The large working volume will be achieved by a lightweight wearable construction that can be carried on the back of the user.

Computationally efficient motion planning mus avoid exhaustive exploration of high-dimensional configuration spaces by leveraging the structure present in real-world planning problems. We argue that this can be accomplished most effectively by carefully balancing exploration and exploitation.

Exploration seeks to understand configuration space, irrespective of the planning problem, and exploitation acts to solve the problem, given the available information obtained by exploration.

Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen

Johannes, Gunda. Schneider, Sophie. Physical activity in individuals with a spinal cord injury: Towards observational-based recommendations. Schrade, Stefan Oliver. Rinderknecht, Mike Domenik. Robotic Assessment of Somatosensory Hand Function. Manurung, Auralius. Popp, Werner L. Subsequently, we extend our state estimation approach to also include the unknown calibration parameters, which might change during the lifetime of the robot, to incorporate prior information about the structure of the environment, and to improve the fine-grained details of the estimated models.

In the second part of this thesis, we demonstrate two challenging applications which we realized by building upon and extending the algorithms presented in the first part.

In detail, we discuss an approach which allows a car to autonomously park in a robin houston phd thesis multi-level parking garage. Using the images obtained during exploration experiments, it has been possible to create 3D reconstructions of the explored environments.

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Rob dekkers phd thesis

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Robin houston phd thesis

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You can always add more control points to moderate the effect, but the effect never completely goes away. And the more control points you have, the harder it is to alter your curve. Something like this provides the same input simplicity of the Hobby spline no off-curve control points for the user to mess with but it gives you the significant advantage that moving a control point only affects the adjacent curve segments.

The mathematics is a lot more involved, but the results are quite promising. He argues that the Hobby spline amounts to an efficient Bezier approximation of an Euler spline when the angle between control rob dekkers phd thesis is small. When I played with the prototype Spiro implementation in ppedit back inthere were apparent problems with numerical stability, and the numerics would sometimes even fail to converge.

That seems to be quite a serious disadvantage compared to Hobby splines, which have a guaranteed unique solution that can be computed analytically. Do you know? Even so, it might be a fair trade to get the other characteristics.

Scene understanding by robotic interactive perception - Enlighten: Theses

The real deal-killer for me is that if you lay out a series of points, the Hobby spline is going to look weird unless the angle between adjacent knots is pretty small. It only implements a subset of what ppedit does apparently only the G2 constraint typebut it seems to be pretty stable. Well, you could hardly be expected to have read everything I have ever written anywhere on the internet.

That said, I did modify a few of the behaviors and added support for even-odd in addition to winding-order fill. I agree that things might have turned out differently with respect to pen tools if Photoshop had robin houston phd thesis a more dramatic step forward. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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